The Richmond Company, Inc. (TRC) is a fully-integrated real estate development company, which procures, develops, owns, and manages a wide range of first class retail, commercial, residential and mixed-use properties.

The company was founded in 1990 by its founder and President, Philip Pastan, a Massachusetts native. The company is privately held and is headquartered at its primary office in Wilmington (Boston) Massachusetts.

Geographically, the company is focused on the eastern seaboard of the United States. These jurisdictions are well known to represent some of the most difficult and complex permitting, development, and construction environments in the nation.

The company is currently active in a wide variety of markets, ranging from Florida to Maine.

During its 20 + year history, through multiple economic cycles and conditions, the company has established a track record of excellence and a reputation for discipline and integrity.

Since its founding in 1990, The Richmond Company, Inc. has developed more than 4.0 million square feet of retail and commercial space and has developed more than twenty-five (25) residential development projects, comprising more than 2,000 dwelling units.

The company prides itself in its ability to work proactively with local government officials, abutters, community groups, and all other stakeholders when it develops a project. This approach ensures that we understand and take into consideration the local environment and that all relevant issues will be addressed and resolved. This vision and approach allows us to create projects which are compatible with and will enhance the communities in which we do business.

Unlike many "merchant" development companies, with the exception of our drug store development portfolio, where the Company chooses on a case by case basis to develop / sell some assets, and with the exception of single family residential and condominium projects, where homes and units are sold to their eventual occupants, The Richmond Company, Inc. prides itself on developing superior projects, to be held for long-term ownership and management for itself and its clients.

As a result of this approach, we demand and achieve a commitment to excellence and a level of attention to detail and superior quality in all of the projects we undertake.

This commitment is reflected and exemplified in the preferred relationships that we have cultivated with a roster of demanding regional and national tenants and lenders that we have continued to enjoy recurring business with year after year, and in the two decades since our founding.

The principals of The Richmond Company, Inc. are fully committed to this philosophy and approach, evidenced by their direct involvement in every project that we undertake, which, in conjunction with the hard work and dedication of our entire management team, staff, consultants, contractors, and vendors, ensures consistency and a level of quality from the start to the finish of all of our projects.

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